At a time when, when we talk about the world of games, we immediately think of video games, we offer you an article on the games of our youth: board games or board games! Remember those Sundays, snuggling up to play endless games of Monopoly ? In this article, we will take a look at the 7 most popular board games of our time.

Little horses

This is one of the first board games we play when we are children. It can be played between 2 and 4 players and all its pawns have the shape of small horses, only their color makes it possible to distinguish them. In order to get out of the stable, you have to shoot a 6. How many of us got stuck there for laps and laps? Its four-color cross-shaped top (blue, green, red and yellow) is emblematic and will remain forever etched in many memories.


Ah Monopoly! No need to present it but just in case: the goal is to buy as many properties as possible and ruin your opponents. Created in the United States in 1903 by a woman, Elizabeth Magie, to denounce capitalism, it is now a resounding symbol! However, who has never found himself having to mortgage his property, pay for his rental when he visits his neighbors and lose everything to the last penny? If there is one game that can last for hours and stretch family ties, here it is! Who here has seen their family or friends in a new light as a result of a game?

The Cluedo

But who killed Doctor Lenoir…? The most murdered character in history has made us torture our brains many Sunday afternoons! This game invented in England, in Birmingham has the advantage of being able to be played at any age and to reveal the investigator that lies dormant in us. The Tudor Manor has been home to many crimes over the past decades and the names of Miss Joséphine, Colonel Moutarde or Madame Blanche Leblanc are probably familiar to your ears and will be for many years to come.

The Settlers of Catania

Also known as Catan. Many of us played there with family or friends. This is also an emblematic game in the sense that Catan brings together a number of strengths: its board is aesthetic, the game itself is easy to learn while offering a real depth of game tactics. The exchanges of resources between players allow a real user-friendliness, in short the board game par excellence.

Hurry Slowly

Hurry Slow is the Swiss game par excellence since it is within the Confederation that the majority of its players are concentrated. How many of us have spent long evenings as a family playing this game? However, it draws its origins from an Indian board game, the Parchisi. Indeed, it was brought back by the British at the time of the colonization of this country-continent and until the end of the XXth century, the boxes of games carried besides the two names!

The chess

How not to name it absolutely must have game? It is a real institution, to such an extent that the formulas linked to it have entered everyday language. Hear checkmate and you know nothing is going well! Any player (casino or not) who respects himself has necessarily played at least once, moreover, perhaps there are great masters among us? And did you know that the oldest chess club in the world was Zurich, founded in 1809? National pride!


Although it bears the name of a French city, Carcassonne is actually a German game! Published for the first time in 2000, this game received a more than positive reception at the time of its release since it received numerous European prizes rewarding its quality and its innovative aspect. Indeed, one of the main originalities of this game is that it is up to the players to build the board as the game progresses, which will end when the last piece of the board is placed. Carcassonne has been so successful that it has been adapted into a video game and has many extensions available.

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